Northern Jurisdiction Logo

Those who have visited other Widows Sons websites may have noticed that we are using a different logo or patch. The Northern Jurisdiction Logo is new, having been introduced in May of 2004. This page explains why we have a more than one logo and outlines the symbolism of the new image.

The International Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association is a relatively new organization. We were formed in the year 2000, wherein the original design was adapted by the founding members of each chapter. Sometimes as an organization grows, changes and adjustments are made in order to secure the continued growth of the organization.

The Illinois Grand Chapter is the first and founding chapter of the Widows Sons, yet we found that we were very slow in expanding in our state. After much discussion and careful review, we determined that our Masonic brothers, our families and non-Masonic friends had difficulty in associating the original Widow's logo design with our Masonic roots. Therefore we decided that it was in the best interest of the Widows Sons and Illinois Grand Chapter to design a new or 2nd generation logo which would be more acceptable to our members and potential future members. Rather than attempt to effect a change in logo throughout the entire organization, we refer to our new design as the "Modern Design" logo. Chapters within the Northern Jurisdictional territory are free to use either the original or updated logo, according to what each chapter feels will best ensure their success. The Grand Chapter in England has also adopted a new logo which is more amenable to their region and membership.

In designing the new logo, we felt that we needed to incorporate more Masonic symbolism into the design, as the Widows Sons Masonic Riders are a Masonic Riding Association. The new design has been well received by our members, our brethren, and those who we have met in public. The following section explains the symbolism behind the Modern Design logo.......


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