How To Join the Widows Sons


Start a Grand Chapter         Join a Grand Chapter


Starting a new Grand Chapter:

A Grand Chapter is the authoritative chapter in each Masonic Jurisdiction. The Grand Chapters oversee and approve the formation of constituent chapters within their jurisdiction, and may also opt to sponsor a new Grand Chapter in a Jurisdiction of the WSMRA where no Grand Chapter exists. Where we have no existing Grand Chapter, one can be easily started by any seven (7) Master Masons who are interested in doing so.

Here are the five (5) steps to form a new Grand Chapter:

1. First you must make sure the joining members of the new Grand Chapter being formed are  members of a Grand Lodge recognized by :

1. The Commission for Information for Recognition,
2. The United Grand Lodge of England,
3. Conference of Grand Masters in North America

2. Your group must contact the founder, Carl Davenport carladavenport@hotmail.com to receive the proper paperwork for founding a new Grand Chapter. The paperwork will guide you through the process. Your sponsoring Grand Chapter will then guide you further through the process. If you need a sponsoring Grand Chapter, please contact the Founder, Carl Davenport carladavenport@hotmail.com and Carl will forward your request to a Grand Chapter to sponsor you.

3. The next step is to go to http://widowssons.ws/WSFB.htm and download the Founding Bylaws and Landmarks. Where they stipulate Illinois, you change the word "Illinois" to your jurisdiction's name. Do not make any other changes unless what you are changing something that conflicts with your Grand Lodge Bylaws, rules, or edicts. No other changes other than meeting and dues structures are acceptable and a charter will not be issued. Once you have made only these changes to your Bylaws, your group must contact your Grand Lodge to inform them of your intentions  to form a chapter of the Widows Sons within their Masonic jurisdiction, send them a copy of your bylaws, and ask for their blessing. You may not form a chapter without the consent of your Grand Lodge because if you don't have your Grand Lodge's blessing, communicating by Masonic Protocol will be violated if you contact another jurisdiction directly.

Fill out the Grand Chapter Affidavit in your chartering package, and send a copy of the Affidavit along with the revised Grand Chapter bylaws, a physical mailing address, a list of your officers and their contact email address and a current phone number, and Carl will arrange a Sponsoring Grand Chapter for you. Bylaws and contact info should be sent via email,
 to our Founder, Carl Davenport carladavenport@hotmail.com with all  the documents attached in one email.

4. Once the administrative steps 1-3 have been completed,

5. The final step before becoming chartered is to meet with the dominant MC or COC in your area to introduce yourselves and make them aware you are about to form and operate a chapter of the Widows Sons in their territory.

In accordance to the founding bylaws, only one (1)  Widows Sons Grand Chapter can be issued in a Masonic Jurisdiction. In the case of a Prince Hall Grand Chapter, it can be issued under the Prince Hall Grand Lodge where recognition between the AF&AM or F&AM Grand Lodge and the Prince Hall grand Lodges exists.


Joining a Chapter:

To join an existing chapter or Grand Chapter, you must a member of a Grand Lodge recognized by:
1. The Commission for Information for Recognition,
2. The United Grand Lodge of England,
3. Conference of Grand Masters in North America

Contact the chapter directly. We have a list of all of our Grand Chapters and their constituent chapters on our Chapters page. Where there is no link available on our Chapters list, you may use our Contact Form where we will be able to put you in touch with the respective chapter or jurisdiction.

We often receive inquiries on becoming a member-at-large. This was a temporary program intended to introduce the Widows Sons in areas where we had no chapters. This program is no longer available! In order to become a member you must contact a chapter in your state, province, or country. When there is none available, the only other option is to contact the Founder Carl Davenport
carladavenport@hotmail.com in order to be put in touch with a sponsoring Grand Chapter who will assist you in the formation of your own Grand Chapter.