Carl Davenport Legal Defense Fund

This web page is a supplemental page to our fundraiser for Brother Carl at:

The purpose of this page is to be fully transparent where we will be posting as much documentation as possible without compromising the lawsuit so that Carl's supporters can fully understand why this lawsuit was filed against him, by whom, and how the lawsuit is progressing.

Who is suing Carl and what does it entail?

Carl is being sued for Trademark infringement by Mr. Andy Reynolds of New York who had improperly registered my copyrighted Widows Sons Logo, and is claiming $75,000 in damages.

Mr. Reynolds' trademark application was improper and is what is referred to as a registration "in bad faith", which means that he did not create the 'mark' or logo, did not own it, and did not have my permission (as the copyright owner) to claim it with a Federal Trademark application. Furthermore, in submitting the trademark application Mr. Reynolds attested under oath and under the penalty of perjury that he owned all rights to the logo, all information contained was true and accurate, and that it was not being used by any other persons, businesses, or entities.

This is a pdf file of the lawsuit which was filed against Carl by Mr. Reynolds: complaint.pdf (This file will open in a new window)
This is a copy of the 'Exhibits' Mr. Reynolds provided to support his claims: exibits 1 thru 9.pdf

We are prepared to answer to the frivolous lawsuit against Brother Carl and have retained an attorney to represent him. In the event that the case proceeds to trial I am fully prepared to travel to New York to appear before the court and give my personal testimony.


Why does Brother Carl require a fundraiser?

Quite simply, Carl resides in England and therefore is unable to answer to this suit in person within the established time constraints, so it has become imperative to employ an attorney. Carl serves as a full-time caregiver for his disabled stepson who suffers from autism and severe seizures which occur almost daily. Therefore is unable to work a regular job and the Davenport Household does not have the financial resources to immediately pay the required $5000.00 retainer. We are therefore asking for donations in the hopes of supporting a distressed brother Master Mason in need. Neither Carl or myself will be receiving the donations but have appointed a brother who will serve as the Funds Captain and be responsible for wire transferring collected donations to Carl's attorney. The brother serving as the Fund Captain is a Past Grand Master of Hungary.

Sincerely & Fraternally Yours,

-Fred Broecker -PM-
Life Member - Union Park #610
AF&AM, Illinois