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Whispering Good Counsel ---- Due And Timely Notice:


Regarding the controversy over the copyright & trademark issue, be advised that the person who had fraudulently registered a Federal Trademark of the Widows Sons (copyrighted) logo in bad faith 'Mr. Andreas "Andy" Reynolds' has been expelled by the Grand Lodge of New York after having been found Guilty of multiple charges during a Masonic trial. Mr. Reynolds is no longer a member of the fraternity and is barred from engaging in Masonic communication with members of the craft.  Verdict AR.pdf
Although unconfirmed, it has also been reported that the Kings Guard Chapter is down to only 3 members (if Mr. Reynolds is included) and no longer meets the minimum number of members for maintaining a chapter.

Many are aware that Mr. Reynolds has filed a frivolous lawsuit against the founder of the Widows Sons- Brother Carl Davenport PM, seeking $75,000 in damages. Because the case is currently in litigation I cannot comment on the specifics of the case, but all members of the Widows Sons Alliance should be aware of the following: Mr. Reynolds had filed the lawsuit naming the Kings Guard Grand Chapter Inc. and the Widows Sons Alliance as the plaintiffs against Brother Carl. Should the lawsuit be ruled frivolous or without basis and a positive judgment be entered in Brother Davenport's favor, both the Kings Guard Grand Chapter AND the Widows Sons Alliance may be subject to the full reimbursement of Brother Carl's legal fees and associated costs. Since Mr. Reynolds has been less than forthright regarding the details of the lawsuit, this information has been provided in case Mr. Reynolds neglected to inform members of The Alliance of their financial liability in filing the lawsuit on their behalf.

My copyright infringement lawsuit against Mr. Reynolds, the Kings Guard Grand Chapter, and the Widows Sons Alliance will be filed within the next several weeks. It has become necessary to name the Kings Guard Grand Chapter Inc and the Widows Sons Alliance as co-defendants because of the lawsuit filed against Brother Davenport where they in concert with each other attempted to use the fraudulent trademark to do harm to Brother Davenport. Additionally, The Alliance has voluntarily submitted funds to Mr. Reynolds in order to reimburse him for his costs in filing the suit against Brother Carl, and for reimbursing his costs for filing for the trademark in bad faith. This makes the Widows Sons Alliance complicit in the conspiracy to steal my intellectual property and then use said trademark to do damage to a member of this organization. Those who have supported Mr. Reynolds should be advised that his claims that your lawsuit against Brother Davenport is a 'slam dunk' case is based on wishful thinking and not upon the evidence and merits of the case. It is strongly advised that you do not put your faith in the words of a slanderer and thief who has been expelled from Freemasonry. My copyright infringement suit is based on the simple fact that Mr. Reynolds knowingly filed for a trademark in 'bad faith' in that he was aware that he had not received permission by the copyright owner to file for a trademark of the work, the work was not his to trademark, and that the copyrighted work was knowingly being used by other persons and entities. These are hard facts that cannot be disputed or challenged by submitting anecdotal, irrelevant, or fabricated evidence as was done in the case against Brother Davenport.

Assuming that my copyright infringement lawsuit against Mr. Reynolds, the Kings Guard Grand Chapter Inc, and the Widows Sons Alliance is judged in my favor, those found guilty will be liable for the associated fines, statutory damages, and for the reimbursement of my legal fees and related costs. https://www.pixsy.com/academy/copyright-infringement-penalties/

 This update is not intended to be LEGAL ADVICE as I am not an attorney, but is provided for informational purposes. It is strongly suggested that everyone who has been exposed to sharing liability in these cases by the actions of Mr. Reynolds, take this information and consult an attorney of your choosing in order to get trustworthy legal advice. Further updates will be forthcoming as new information becomes available.

Sincerely & Fraternally Yours,

-Fred Broecker PM-






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